Saturday, June 22, 2013

Letters of the Alphabet

       My year with this group of third-graders is over.  I only have a few more days to go at work during which I will finish up the paper work and do some cleaning.  In the hallways, boxes are being moved from room to room to make way for two new full-day kindergarten classrooms next year.  All of that moving and cleaning inspired me to do a little cleaning out of my own.  I was amazed at some of the goodies I found in the nooks and crannies of my classroom.  Some items will definitely be used next year.  Other items will never be used by me, so I decided to pass them on to another teacher.

       Today's act of kindness was sharing some alphabet letters with one of the new kindergarten teachers.  I had scrabble tiles, laminated letters, magnetic letters in rainbow colors, and shiny blue tiles with white letters on them.  Here's hoping that next year's kindergartners will put those letters to good use.  One teacher's trash is absolutely another teacher's treasure.

Fruit Slices

       A friend and co-worker suffered a family loss this week.  Losing a family member at any time is a difficult, heart-wrenching event.  Those of us on the periphery want to do all that we can, but often feel helpless and lacking when it comes to knowing just the right thing to do.  This time, the helpful thing was an unusual task.

       Today's act of kindness was slicing up fruit to make a super-huge fruit salad.  My friend's usual job at this time in the school year is putting together a breakfast for the teachers and staff.  This year, breakfast was the last thing that she needed to worry herself with.  She needed to be with her family.  So, several colleagues and I stepped up to take care of breakfast duties.  After work, we pulled up our sleeves to slice up strawberries, melons, and pineapple.  Here's hoping that our time spent making a fruit salad provided my friend with a few extra moments to worry less and to focus on being with her family in their time of need. 

Gently Used School Supplies

     The end of the school year means cleaning out.  It is time to clean out desks and drawers and cupboards and shelves.  Every year I end up with piles of school supplies that have been used to varying degrees.  Most years I end up just throwing them away or tossing them in the recycling bin if possible.  This year I was happy to have another option.

     Today's act of kindness was dropping my gently used school supplies in a donation box.  Another teacher at my school took on the task of collecting these supplies for others to use throughout the summer and next year.  I feel great knowing that those in need will benefit from this act of kindness.  Here's hoping that they enjoy their mostly new pens and pencils and notebooks as much as I have.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day Photos

Jack with his grandson, Vincent, on Father's Day
       Happy Father's Day to all of you father figures out there!  We had a lovely day here spending time with my husand, his girls, and his grandson.  It was wonderful to see him enjoy being a father and embracing the company of his family on this gorgeous afternoon.  

       Today's act of kindness was taking pictures on Father's Day.  I see this act of kindness as one that will benefit us all later on in life.  Sometimes there is kindness in documenting our lives to remember later on, to share with future generations.  The pictures that I took with my husband and his grandson are priceless, to everyone in our family.  Here's hoping for many more happy, kindness-filled Father's Day celebrations to come in the years ahead.

Foodlink Donation

     Lilli was discharged from the hospital with an on-the-mend bill of health.  Her first request after stepping foot outside was lunch at Panera Bread.  I couldn't say no.  As I wrapped up our order and handed over my money, I noticed a container with a slot on the top for donations to an organization called Foodlink.

     Today's act of kindness was donating my spare change to Foodlink.  I know that we are blessed to be able to buy the food that we would like to eat.  Our weekly grocery bill is expensive, but manageable.  I was happy to share some extra coins with Foodlink to help provide sustenance for those in the area who really need it.  

       If you are interested in sharing kindness with others through Foodlink, please visit their website to learn more.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Paying Compliments

       During Lilli's hospital stay, we got to know a few of the nurses quite well.  All nurses are saints in my book.  Those that we came into contact with on the pediatric floor didn't disappoint in that way.  I was constantly amazed at all they did during each shift.  Besides the medical aspects of their jobs, they were just there for their patients, offering love, support, happiness, and kindness.  

       My act of kindness for today was paying some compliments to our nurses.  First, I made sure to always use my please and thank you's as they maneuvered around us to do their jobs.  I also noticed little things like a new pair of glasses that looked fabulous.  When I saw some cute smiley-faced scrubs, I let that nurse know that I loved her fashion choices.  Basically, I took every opportunity to let our nurses know that they are valued and appreciated.

Drop Everything

       My daughter has been one sick kid.  Luckily she is doing much better now.  In the middle of Day 162, Lilli ended up being rushed to the emergency room with lower abdominal pain and a serious infection.  This was followed by two days in the hospital getting a lot of TLC, IV antibiotics, and some serious pain killers.  Since I have been in the hospital with her, I had to hold off on writing about my acts of kindness.  I was a little bit busy.  Honestly, it wasn't until Lilli ended up sharing a room with another young girl that I realized what my act of kindness was for Day 162.     
       The sweet girl in the bed next to Lilli had just come out of surgery. Each day she called her mom and asked when she would get a visit.  Mom never showed up.   The wonderful people who work at the hospital gave their all to make her comfortable and give her the physical and emotional TLC that she needed. 

       Today's act of kindness was dropping everything to be with Lilli.  She needed me and I didn't want to be anywhere else but with her.  All other matters could wait.   Sometimes  kindness is shared by being 100% present for those we love.